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Originally Posted by jkick View Post
Daily Mail
'Our friend Kate McCann, the perfect mum,' two of her closest friends speak out

A family photo of Kate McCann as a child. Kate is pictured (left) with her friend Nicky Gill outside a zoo.

KM hair looks a little odd, the center parting only goes halfway down her head?
Would you low and behold, Another photograph of MM with some
serious issues!

This is NOT the hand of a 3 year old (or younger)!

The nose is clearly pasted in.
The eyes are a terrible rendering
and the teeth and lower lip are of dreadful smudged quality.

They included a coloboma in her digital 'make-up' as a little joke
as you need a 'good eye' to sort out what's going on, and
'U' almost need to be 'A COLUMBO' to work it out!

Almost, but not quite, eh?

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