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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
they showed the map in the TV program. I can't remember if it was in spain or portugal

but i think it is a mistake to see the church as a seperate entity from the templars because rival factions have fought over control of the church for centuries

the vatican these days is very much on board with the freemasonic new world order

what the templars had and have going on is that they are using magical ritual to communicate with interdimensional entities which are guiding their actions on earth
At the end of the day ANY sort of spiritual activity could been seen as communicating with other entities. Even angels, demons, gods, etc may not be as established religion teach but what does matter is the information they give. Either its constructive or not. Personally I cant see why using ritual to contact an entity is inherently wrong unless the intent is evil.

Personally I dont have any issue with the templars and freemasons because I dont buy a lot of the shit that is posted about them by incredibly biased people. People would learn more by learning about such things with an open and enquiring mind rather than one that is deliberately steering for a negative outcome. These latter people are the true deceivers, ones with an agenda to produce false views.
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