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The Stewards also informally referred to as Blackshirts were the paramilitary wing of the British Union of Fascists (BUF).. They served a similar role as the Blackshirts of the National Fascist Party of Italy and also wore black uniforms.. The Stewards were officially an organization of guards that were to protect Oswald Mosley and eject groups of hecklers from the audience of speeches by BUF officials.. In practice the Stewards physically assaulted hecklers and political opponents with truncheons of rubber or lead..Steward, an older term for a male flight attendant..The Stewards of Gondor were rulers from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium of Middle-earth..Stewing is suitable for the least tender cuts of meat that become tender and juicy with the slow moist heat method. This makes it popular in low-cost cooking.. Cuts having a certain amount of marbling and gelatinous connective tissue give moist, juicy stews, while lean meat may easily become dry..The Hess Corporation (formerly Amerada Hess) is a large American-based integrated oil company headquartered in New York City, and a Fortune 100 corporation...

All 243 passengers and 16 crew members were killed, as were 11 residents of Lockerbie.. Of the 270 total fatalities, 189 were American citizens and 43 were British citizens. No more than 4 of the remaining 37 victims of the bombing came from any one of the 19 other countries..With 189 Americans killed, the bombing was the deadliest act of terror against the U.S. prior to 11 September 2001.. Many of the passengers came from the states of New Jersey and New York..Prominent among the passenger victims was the 50-year-old UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, who would have attended the signing ceremony of the New York Accords at the UN headquarters on 22 December 1988..Also aboard were: Volkswagen America CEO James Fuller and Volkswagen America Marketing Director Lou Marengo, who were returning from a meeting with Volkswagen executives in West Germany; musician Paul Jeffreys and his wife Rachel; poet and former girlfriend of musician Robert Fripp, Joanna Walton, credited with writing most of the lyrics on Fripp's 1979 album Exposure; Jonathan White, the son of actor David White, who played Larry Tate on the American 1960s sitcom Bewitched; Alfred Hill, a promising young physicist..The fireball rose above the houses and moved toward the nearby Glasgow–Carlisle A74 dual carriageway, scorching cars in the southbound lanes and leading motorists and local residents to believe that there had been a meltdown at the nearby Chapelcross nuclear power station..The R&B singing group The Four Tops had been scheduled to board Pan Am Flight 103 to return to the United States for Christmas after completing their European tour, but were late getting out of a recording session and overslept..Punk rock musician John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) of the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd. and his wife, Nora, were also booked on Pan Am Flight 103, but missed it due to delays..The No. 1 world tennis player in 1988, Mats Wilander, had made a reservation but did not take a seat on the flight..The actress Kim Cattrall was also booked on the flight but changed her reservation shortly beforehand in order to complete some last-minute gift shopping in London..., I'll pay for pizza if you go get it..Between these mountains somewhere there's a green valley.. See those mountains over there? There's no snow on them..Those mountains must be 50 miles away.. You think you can spacewalk 50 miles.. I love music but he should finish what he started...

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