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Default Savile Cunard links

Originally Posted by unseen_influencer View Post
Lord Matthews was Chairman of Cunard:,4719896
Originally Posted by branwen01 View Post
Savile had link to Apostle of sea as my last link

Cardinal Keith O Brien and Apostle of sea

So, Savile, pal of Matthews - pal of Cunard - pal of RC perv.
Savile 'cruised 1st class' for free many times
Cunard diverted cruisers to pay 'homage' to Savile

Savile must have done something AMAZING for Cunard

Rescued an ailing shipping line - fixed some deals - got some backhanders?

Savile can only have been acceptable socially because he provided a 'service' - one that no-one else could be trusted to do and still keep their mouth shut................

Payment in 'kind' - murder, rape, rolls royce, cruises, concorde, gold, access to Broadmoor, Rampton...............

All non-taxable - of course.
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