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Originally Posted by time2wakeup View Post
Yes you are partly right tracker, I dont think mentally he was prepared to be away from his wife/girlfriend for a long period. He did carry too much stuff and he wasted a lot of time/energy doing unproductive things. He worried 2much about bears. He did kill porkupines etc so he did have some kind of meat, but he was drulling over the deer/moose that he was unable to kill and not finding the salmon ws the final straw for him.
I also thing most people (possibly including non meat eaters) put in that situation as Ed, having to to survive alone for a long period of time in a strange environment would carry a gun. Not least it gives you proctection from a bear. Plants, leaves and roots are great but not very useful if you were trying to survive through winter. Most survivalists, adventure types all do some kind of hunting including Dick Proenneke and Ray Mears. One of my favourate Mears moments in those excellent early survival series was cooking the deer with hot rocks in the ground (think it was on the beach) I bet that tasted good!.
All this talk of survivalling is really wetting my appetite to give it a go. Have you done any bothing Tracker in scotland (staying at various remote shelters that are free to stay in)? I stayed on Bardsey (island off wales) last year where you can have a cottage for a week without electricity. This was amazing. While I was there someone put in an offer to stay in a cottage for 3 months in the off he would have been virtually alone on an island. I do wonder how he went on, theres no hiding place there in winter if you are not used to your own company, short days, long nights, bad weather and cold. He would not be allowed to use a gun there (there are no rabbits anyway) but I bet it was an amazing experience!
No Ive not done it my self .
I am very enthusiaser it and do wish to venture further into the subject which is why I do a lot of threads on it .

many years ago I was in the army but as you ca understand , survivalism isnt army training .
even the army has to pay for soldiers who wish to go on survivalist courses .
mainly in the army you are trianed to take orders , run around alot , dig and ditch hide , and most of the time rations are given to soldiers .
if they wish to do real survivalism they have to go on courses .

thats why I am not afraid ( as mentioned in my news letter ) to let folks know just how much I was amazed / surprised at how much i didnt know compared to wazaap and mariantisocial .

Im all for learning and am looking forward to this year if any trips are made .

but you can guarentee one thing , I wont be bringing a gun

the best way actually IMO , is to learn with out even a knife .

to bare hand it as they say , start from scratch
like finding flint and making an axe from that .
one couldlearn how to make a home made cross bow eventually but that takes time . spears , axes , cross bows , throwing spears that use sticks to launch , all need to be learned .

starting from jack , and ending up a grizzly adams --- now thats my aim , but for now , its me taking
tarps/sleeping bags/compass/1st aid kits / all the normal stuff .

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