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Originally Posted by time2wakeup View Post
I watched that 3/4 part documentry last year about ed mardle who attempted to survive in the wilderness in canada for 3 months. The reason why he didnt last out was that he was not allowed to hunt (i think they are different laws if you come from outside Canada) and he could not find the salmon run. He became disorniented and week because of the lack of protein that his ration packs and berries/roots could not provide. He had the books and interviewed people before he went out there on exactly what he could and couldnt eat.
The problem with surviving on just berries,leaves etc they are usually very seasonal and only available for a short time. Which would leave only roots to eat in winter. Mushroom/fungi, whos know whether its safe to eat and you hardly get any energy/benefit from eating a mushroom anyway.
Look at the native tribes around the world when they kill an animal nothing goes to waste and they usually do a ritual to say thankyou for the animal. If you come accross a wild animal and need it for food then I have no problem with you taking it as long as you do it justice.
Hunting should be considered an important aspect of survival (i know everyone doesnt eat meat).

wrong !

the only thing he didnt hunt was deer which was protected .

he starved mostly because he rellied on hunting actually .

1 ) he spent most of his time day dreaming in his hammock tent

2 ) spent loads of time making fires and sitting around them talking to a camera

3 ) carried too much kit

4 ) did not have enough knowledge of local plant life .

5 ) although he knew some of the plant life he only took berries thus his knowledhe was indeed limited .

6 ) he spent loads of time wondering about like an idiot looking for fish ( as you have mentioned )

7 ) when he didnt find any fish he still took ALL DAY fishing there thus waisted a good 13 hours doing jack ! despite thatfact he knew no fish were there .

the point im making is this , missout on plant knowledge and your fked ! relly on hunting only like that dude did in the film and your fkd !

I know

i watched it .

Infact my self and wazaap commented on this program over the phone at regualr intervals and the comments above are our observations made from that , we both saw that , we both saw what his callosal mistakes were .

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