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Originally Posted by waylander View Post
Point of information for the uninformed.

People that shoot/hunt/stalk/fish are far more in touch with the natural order of life and nature than people who don't.

Wild animals are free range. They have a totally natural life.
A pheasant shot on a rough shoot has had a better time on this planet than a super market chicken (by the way chickens don't actually grow in fridges-honest)

People who are critical of country sports, yet still eat meat, are kidding themselves and in my opinion are hypocrites.

A true hunter has the utmost respect for his quarry, he has learnt its ways and studied it, without this knowledge nature would not reward him with a kill.

Eating meat is natural 100%. Hunting is also natural to the human animal.

there are a few points to consider when making a post about hunting game and or animals .

did you know that the reason why mankind has various blood types is because of the introduction to meats ? there is very strong evidence to support this too .

at 1st ( if we believe the puzzle of man kinds origin ) man was a monkey , or so they say , some type of upright monkey .
thus mankind was 1st and for most a plant eater .
it was the beginning of walking on land away from tress that gave mankind the hardships he faced for which he had to compensate to eat bugs and animals .

it was this situation they say that gave rise to the brain being larger , bit this does not mean it was natural .Im not totally disregarding other data , im just saying that this is the history we know .

from that , man also began to eat fish .

it was this that created different blood types .

hence why a person who might be AB+ , finds it harder to digest meat than a OO blood type .
it is a fact that various blood types do indeed digest meat differently , for instance , my blood type mees thinks is AB+ .
I can digest meat , but not masses of it , my metabolism gets on better with fish and plants , this i know through experience .

I wont deny that a good hunter keeps in touch with nature and picks and chooses his prey , that is true .
but ( and i do say but ) hunting isnt as productive as many think.

take the issue of survivalism for instance .

you've got to shoot and kill with one shot .
if you miss or hit a none vital part , you could easily create a situation where the animal gets away from you but dies and rots in pane .

hunting is the natural order of nature but man is not of the natural order according to today's society and living .

there is far more chances of survival learning how to gather and process roots and berries etc than hunting .
this sint an opinion , its true .

thats not to say that one should not hunt , after all , when faced with starvation , one must adapt and if only animals are the last choice of protein or any kind of food intake , it is then necessary to kill them to eat them .

better off alive than dead starving meees says .

but how long can one hunt ?
till the gun you carry gets too heavy ?
till the amo runs out ?

what then ?

learning to rely on a gun isnt a good thing .

learning to hunt ? maybe , it is a life saver as we all know .

but fail to get clued up on plant life and your fkd !

when the adventures went to Australia , a lot of them starved to death because although they had guns to shoot game etc , the place they found them self in was not full of animals , just plants .
did you know that they starved to death surrounded by edible plants ?

totally surrounded by plants they could eat , yet , because all they knew was guns and rifles , they starved to death needlessly .

Understanding guns and hunting is a good survival tactic , a must know for all , however , fail to learn how to crop and harvest plant life , could be a matter of life and death .and no amount of guns can change that .

I do understand what you are saying .
learning to hunt is good !
eating meat isnt exactly bad for you .
a good hunter keeps to the laws of nature .
all true .

but don't think that this will save your life in all situations is my point .

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