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Originally Posted by waylander View Post
Point of information for the uninformed.

People that shoot/hunt/stalk/fish are far more in touch with the natural order of life and nature than people who don't.

Wild animals are free range. They have a totally natural life.
A pheasant shot on a rough shoot has had a better time on this planet than a super market chicken (by the way chickens don't actually grow in fridges-honest)

People who are critical of country sports, yet still eat meat, are kidding themselves and in my opinion are hypocrites.

A true hunter has the utmost respect for his quarry, he has learnt its ways and studied it, without this knowledge nature would not reward him with a kill.

Eating meat is natural 100%. Hunting is also natural to the human animal.

What a crock of shit, sorry but someone has to say it.

You "enjoying" killing animals for sport isn't admirable, its moronic.
Don't for one minute try and compare yourself or what you do to the aspect of the "hunter/gatherer". What a fool you must be or anyone here that agrees with you who tries to excuse the modern past time of "hunting for fun" as "hunting for survival".

"Eating meat is 100% Natural"

Hmmm, Scientific proof please? Or is that another excuse by another mindless drone trying to excuse a blood lust without reason?

Imagine I have just appeared on this planet and you are tasked with convincing me that I need to take a knife or a gun and kill an animal to eat its flesh to survive when an over abundance of everything I need is scientifically proven to exist in plants?
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