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I think human nature is such that if you encourage people of all ages to engage with witchcraft and we certainly can see children being encouraged through television programmes to do that, you will end up seeing many people who lack life experience and emotional maturity using such things irresponsibly

So really what you'll end up with is spiteful teenage girls casting black magic spells against anyone they feel emotionally upset with or angry young men idolising people like aleister crowley because they are unconsciously seeking a male role model and also some sort of sense of control over their own life

What the occult offers people is a perception of power and in this current societal model many people feel disempowered and therefore they will grasp at something that makes them feel powerful

But if people are cultivating an egotistical form of power where they seek to vindictively smite their enemies then they are not cultivating another form of power which would be the pursuit of spiritual growth

This is why we often see an overlap between witchcraft and 'social justice' movements that are full of all kinds of supremacists narrowly seeking advantage for their own identity group at the expense of wider society

What we are seeing a lot of is a me, me, me form of power that is constructed around the belief that they should put themself at the centre of the universe and that only their feelings and views matter

This leads to a contentious society of selfish and uncompromising people which is what the elites want because if we are all living by a dog eat dog philosophy then the elites will see themselves as the biggest baddest dog and anything they do that crushes the people will simply be seen as what they will claim is the natural order of the strong imposing on the weak. The more people who subscribe to that philosophy the more credible the claim of the elites becomes and the more justified they will believe they are in pursuing eugenics

By adopting their philosophy you are tacitly saying that you recognise their right to impose their authority over you under the law of the jungle and as they impose their technocratic control over your life you will learn that any temporary faux-empowerment you might have felt by casting spells and making yourself a wand will then prove to be as ephemeral as smoke in the wind
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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