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Originally Posted by atlantabizgal View Post
It may be like my friend said to me, "Selling back scatter weapons scanners is BIG BUSINESS and the owner of Mandalay and Michael Chertoff stand to make BILLIONS selling these damned things after this massacre. Can someone say PROTECTION RACKET???"

I'd seriously recommend checking out the link for a different angle on this entirely.

Michael Chertoff, Sheldon Adelson, Israeli Mossad Suspects in Las Vegas Massacre
Exactly. But people still arguing in the Vegas shooting thread want everyone to focus on Paddock, mean while, the usual suspects get away with more police state mafia actions that erode rights and morality.

Techman was asking about "security" at the hotel and I have to wonder if it's contracted out. Like 9-11 and the twin towers I believe "security" was handled by a contractor company owned by Bush junior's younger brother, Marvin Bush and Stratasec or Securacom.

I used to watch Chris at AMTV but he seems to steer narratives sometimes, at least with Pizzagate it seemed that way. Anyone who has spent considerable time looking into "Pizzagate" is lead into exo-politics and underground military bases, that's what Max Spiers was allegedly investigating when he died. People need to wise up and face the facts, we are not alone and humans need to get over themselves thinking that they are the smartest beings on the planet or even in the universe.

The future will prove that the "conspiracy theorists" were right.
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