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Originally Posted by spoons View Post
Conversations that five minutes later people swear blind didn't happen, telephone calls received that were never made, moving an object from room to another only to find it back where it was
I often find other peoples memory to be terrible, and it does sometimes make me slightly question if I'm in a paralell reality or something. Sometimes I will bring up something that me and the other person have talked about many times before as well as initially experiencing the thing that we later talked about, only for them to look at me like I am a complete moron and tell me they have no idea what I am on about and that they have no recollection of it.
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Originally Posted by spoons View Post
those people who ask you what you said when you said nothing
My nephew does this. He often says 'what was that? I thought you just said something to me', but I didn't say anything out loud (though telepathically there is a connection). I can speak to him with my mind sometimes, and he hears.

What pisses me off is when I explain something to a friend who acts interested in a conversation, and then says 'what was that' and had not heard a word due to looking at ebay or some lame crap like that. Still, their priorities are upto them and ultimately define who they are.

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