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Originally Posted by trappedinameatsuit View Post
Why are reptilians so bad? I don't get it. If one human commits a crime are they all evil? Are they hellbent for destruction and downfall of humans?
Basic biology.

"The reptile can break into the mammal's nest, destroy and eat all of the young and be burrowed into the still warm and living flank of the mother before any reaction is evident. Our anthropomorphic verdict would be that reptiles don't even know they are lucky, while mammals don't really believe that reptiles can exist."


Reptilians are the predator of man, or mammals. From our perspective, the perspective of prey, it would certainly appear that our predators must hate and revile us. However, I would hesitate to call their actions evil any more than I would say a person who eats a hamburger "hates" cows. Most humans don't think highly enough of them as life to attribute such emotions. In the same way, Reptilians view us as chickens in a coop.

I don't think they are evil, I think they are hungry.
"There are very probably alien civilizations that are superhuman, to the point of being god-like in ways that exceed anything a theologian could possibly imagine.
Their technical achievements would seem as supernatural to us as ours would seem to a Dark Age peasant transported to the twenty-first century"

- Richard Dawkins
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