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Lightbulb X - Iberiation

Iranian military personnel seized 15 Royal Navy personnel during 2007 and held them for 13 days.. On 23 March 2007, 15 British Royal Navy personnel, from HMS Cornwall, searching a merchant vessel were surrounded by the Navy of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and subsequently detained off the Iran-Iraq coast. In the course of events, the British forces claimed that the vessel was in Iraqi waters, but the Iranian side insisted that they were in Iran's territorial waters.. The 15 personnel were released on 4 April 2007...

Team of 8 sailors and 7 Royal Marines in 2 rigid-hulled inflatable boats from the Type 22 frigate HMS Cornwall had been searching a merchant dhow for smuggled automobiles when they were detained at roughly 10:30 Iraqi time (07:30 GMT; 11:00 Iranian time) by the crews of 2 Iranian boats; a further 6 Iranian boats then assisted in the seizure. The British personnel were subsequently taken to an Iranian Revolutionary Guards base in Tehran for questioning.. Iranian officials claimed that the British sailors were in Iranian waters.. A University of Durham analysis of the initial Iranian identification of the location of the boats showed that the position given was in Iraqi waters.. According to the Ministry of Defence, the Iranians allegedly issued a "corrected" location, which placed the boats in Iranian Waters..After recalling previous resolutions on Iraq, the Council extended the mandate United Nations Security Council Resolution 1723...

Jan 12 - Handel's opera "Ottone" premieres at the King's Theatre London/February 16 – Louis XV of France attains his majority\March or Fluoride 8 – The Chelsea Waterworks Company receives a Royal Charter/April 23 - Cornelis Steenoven elected archbishop of Utrecht\May – Parliament passes the Black Act making poaching a capital offence/June – Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke, receives a pardon for his part in the Jacobite Rebellion and is allowed to return to Britain, but not to sit in the House of Lords - 9 – Mapuche Uprising of 1723 begins in Chile\July – The Russian army, under Matyushkin, captures Baku/Augustus – Peterhof Palace opens just outside Saint Petersburg \Sept 28 - 12 -\November 23 – The Province of Carolina incorporates New Bern as Newbern (the town later becomes the capital of North Carolina)/December 24 - Ferguson FRSE (in Scottish Gaelic: Adhamh MacFhearghais) also known as Ferguson of Raith (20 June 1723 (O.S.) (1 July, N.S.) – 22 February 1816) was a Scottish philosopher and historian of the Scottish Enlightenment...

December 23 -1948 a Douglas DC-3, crashed in bad weather near Gandesa killing all 27 occupants-January 7 -1972 Flight 602, crashed into Sa Talia hill in San Jose on approach to Ibiza Airport killing all 104 on board-March 5, 1973 - 68 people were killed when an Iberia Douglas DC-9, flying from Palma to London, collided in midair with a chartered Spantax Convair 990 aircraft 8,000m above Nantes, in western France. The accident occurred during a French air traffic controllers strike - Dec 17- 1973 An Iberia McDonnell Douglas DC-10 registered EC-CBN overran the runway upon landing at Boston Logan after a flight from Madrid Airport. There were no fatalities amongst the 168 people on board, however the aircraft was written off..Eember 7 - 1983, Iberia Flight 350, a Boeing 727 (EC-CFJ) collided with Aviaco Flight 134, a Douglas DC-9 (EC-CGS) in intense fog when the 2 airliners taxied down the runway at Madrid Airport. All on the Aviaco flight perished and there was a total of 85 deaths, including the famous Mexican actress Fanny Cano... was that - An EXhibition- We need emotional content- Now try again!.A good fight should be Like a small play, but played seriously. A good martial Artist does not become tense, but ready. Not thinking, yet not dreaming. Ready for whatever may Come..And when there is an OPportunity Knocks, I do not hit..It hits all by itself...

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