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Originally Posted by edelweiss pirate View Post
Well you perhaps are a bit clueless too. I've just checked out his website. It's just a fantasy zone. Very little of it seems to be based on reality but just fantasy conjecture. I think perhaps his Illuminati story is the same thing.

You should never believe anything which doesn't ring true to you. And this just stuff doesn't ring true to me.....

And I'm doing my best to give him a fair crack of the whip.
My thoughts exactly.

I have posted much stuff about aliens on this forum, basically out of an interest and curiosity, and being a fan of science fiction, which recently i am seeing as more programming. I have looked deeply into this alien stuff, i have also met a couple who came face to face with a couple of reppies, and escaped abduction. They back up and source their experiences, which was for them a life changing event, and set them on a path of research, investigation and experimentation.

I have also looked at the evidence against aliens. Both sides make good points and provide good evidence.

It can be confusing to be open minded and look at both sides, as there is always good evidence to back up their POV on both sides. That is except for omnisence.

I have always wondered why these targeted individuals consider themselves to be authorities because of their experiences.

I would consider electronic harassment to be an impediment rather than an advantage.

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