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Originally Posted by omnisense View Post
Only the blind need proof to discern reality(not saying proof isn't useful). If you look at my blog you will see I detail much. It isn't all about ETs. The ET section can be ignored and there is still much value.

Category #1 at this link explains extraterrestrial and black project technology at a high level, it is all based on direct experiences:

My credibility to those with discernment is based on my testimony. My testimony is not for the left brained who need proof for everything.
This smells of more omnisense BS.

We are asked to believe your tall stories simply because you say they are true. This is ridiculous in an alternative field with much disinformation.

If someone does not believe you you call them ignorant, blind or something else like left brained, its always other peoples fault for not believing you and not yours for not backing up your stories with evidence.

David Icke speaks about left and right brain hemispheres, he talks much about the right brain and the big picture, he also uses his left brain to authenticate what he says from several reliable sources before publishing, and even then he warns some disinfo might get through, discernment to spot disinfo is the name of the game here.

I have noticed that much of the information you post that purportedly comes from aliens disagrees with other researches and contactees in the field. When presented with contrary evidence you call them a psyop, its a word that you throw around alot to give the impression that your version is the correct one. You have called me a psyop also and will no doubt do so again in reaction to this post or some other derogatory comment that you use to defend yourself against dissenters.

The information that you post lacks credibility simply because you are asking that we accept information by an anonymous poster at their word.

If what you say is true then at least there ought to be some consensus from other researchers, instead you call them mind controlled psyops because they disagree with your arbitrary information.
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