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Originally Posted by comma berenices View Post
And it quotes that the NHS want GP's to ignore the downloaded opt-out letter and use the from the GP "that they can't order in bulk"
You couldn't make it up could you. Looking at the opt out site again this page is now more alarming:

N.H.S. Care Records must be a term for Detailed Care Records. I thought that as the site hadn't been updated for a year that this page was just outlining proposals and that nothing was firmly in the pipeline. Unless they are going to update the page it still reads 'Patients are completely unable to opt out of having their detailed NHS Care Records stored at these centres'. What's worse is it seems that a regional hosting centre may encompass more than one P.C.T.. Exactly how large are these regions going to be? It reads:

'Hosting Centres – these are region-based. Hence all your detailed and sensitive medical records will be available at a regional level to anyone in the NHS who asserts they have a need to know. Someone in a neighbouring GP surgery or hospital will be able to access them.'

So, any nefarious organisation just needs to own a handful of bad guys around the country to access the D.C.R. of any citizen in England. Ha ha ha. It seems that the lady I spoke to from my P.C.T., wittingly or unwittingly, may well have lied to me. How much of a more fundamental question can you ask than 'Am I am able to opt out of D.C.R.'s?'? I will ring again and demand to speak to someone with power. Wanting to know the truth, however grim, can't be too much to ask! I will get their name too. Sigh...
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