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Originally Posted by illuminumnuts View Post
The PTB must see the welfare state as reverse taxation. It is probably the only thing that gives them nightmares and wakes them up at 3am in a cold sweat.
Yes nothing winds up the elites more than the thought that a pleb has some money that they would love to nab for their luxury "expenses." I saw on the Fail yesterday that they are getting a rise of £2,000. What do the plebs get? Sweet Fanny Adams and hospital visits.

Fury as MPs are handed a £2,000 pay rise in April as expenses watchdog hikes their basic salary 2.7 per cent to £79,468
Every MP's pay is going up by 2.7% from April 1 to a total salary of £79,468
The increase is based on average public sector earnings and outstrips inflation
But it is a better increase than many public officials - including police who got 2%

Their cup runeth over.

Love some of the comments:

Guy Fawkes May return.

Talk about the cheek of the Devil!

They have their trotters as well as snouts deep in the troff. They should not be rewarded for failure, failure to negotiate a withdrawal from the EU in line with the 2016 referendum result.

Im looking forward to the revolution. The French had the right idea in 1789.

Why are these imbeciles rewarded for failure? Everytime.

Paid a fortune to sabotage our lives.

Our MPs will always get paid first..there is a queue and we are at the back..

Rewarding MPs who have legislated to reduce disabled benefits.

May's magic money tree bears fruit selectively.

I see the price of treachery has gone up.

Carry on Trough Feeding.

What a f------g joke and they wonder why people hate them.

Wish I could vote myself a 2.7% payrise.

DWP gave me 10p. Reply: Don't spend it all at once!! Reply: Oh my, I did better than you then! I was given an extra 25p per week on my 80th birthday recently! Oh my, how can the hard-pressed government afford to give me that much?

Don't you get it? This is another typical sign that we're the peasonts and they're our masters. They've got us exactly where they want us.

There must be like only 3 (adults- babies and children too young to know) people in this island who do not HATE them!!!
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