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Default Natalie Wood, Jonathan King, John Levendosky

Natalie Wood co-starred with James Dean in “Rebel without a cause”. The 16-year-old Wood landed the role by having sex with the director of the movie - Nicholas Ray (44 at the time).
During filming Dennis Hopper was the next to get young Natalie Wood in bed (I guess by now 17):
There is also a rumour that Kirk Douglas brutally raped Natalie Wood (I doubt this one):
Here are (from left to right) Natalie Wood, James Dean, Nicholas Ray on the set of “Rebel without a cause”.

Natalie Wood drowned in 1981 under suspicious circumstances.
Christopher Walken and husband and wife Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood were having a party on the yacht Splendour that included drinking (too much) alcohol. The official story is that Natalie Wood wanted to take the dinghy for a boat ride and fell in the water and then drowned.
This doesn’t make sense at all because she wasn’t dressed for a boat ride, and she could have climbed back in the yacht easily after falling in the water (even with a little too much to drink).
According to the statements of the captain of Splendour, Dennis Davern, in his book “Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour” Natalie was killed by Robert Wagner (her husband). According to Davern the Wagners had a quarrel in which Robert told his wife Natalie to get off the boat. Then he refused to search for her:

Jonathan King, that famously discovered Genesis, was sentenced to 7 years in prison in 2001 for molesting 5 boys aged 14-16; he was released in 2005.
King became famous in the 1980s for BBC’s Entertainment USA show. King has not only denied his own guilt, but also claimed that Jimmy Savile was innocent because he never appeared in court:

I really don’t know what kind of actor John Levendosky was, obviously not very famous.
Levendosky was an assistant scoutmaster that took 3 young boys (11, 12, 13 years) on a camp-out. He ordered the boys to play strip poker and sleep naked.
Levendosky bound them to trees and then with his pocket knife cut the letter “T” in their chest. He admitted that this aroused him, but it was more torture than sexual. One of the parents noticed the carved “T” and notified the police:

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