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Originally Posted by GuitarSlinger View Post
Is there a way you can get your point across without posting pictures of little girls half dressed and/or naked? Yes, I can see that the naughty bits have been "tastefully" edited out, yet, do you really find it necessary to post them at all?
Is there anyway that you stop making stupid comments to the threads I write? I am quite frankly disgusted with your so-called humorous remarks (I don't think this is a funny topic).
Originally Posted by GuitarSlinger View Post
Wow, hard act to follow coming right behind that Brookes Shields post!
(Maybe I should have worded that differently?)

I recall an old Saturday Night Live movie short by Albert Brooks (yes, he's a Jew, for those of you how like to take note of such things). The short was called: The Impossible Truth – (October 11, 1975)

(The following was taken from:

The scenario is as follows:
This short, which appeared in the very first episode of SNL, is actually the one that features Brooks the least. This piece is set up like an old-timey newsreel made by The Weekly World News, and features a variety of short blackout jokes, with Brooks as the off-camera reporter asking questions to such subjects as a temporarily blinded New York cabbie who is still driving, or an adult man on a date with a elementary-aged girl after the age of consent was lowered to the age of seven in Oregon (“Although the Impossible Truth airs what it must, some things it airs disgusts it.”). One segment features a press conference in which the state of Georgia and the country of Israel announce that they are going to switch places, geographically. The Israeli leader quips: “I hope that New Orleans will be easier to deal with than Cairo,” and the representative from Georgia says in his drawl, “I know that my entire state is looking forward to heat without humidity!” The sketch is short, sweet, and moves very quickly.)

I had hoped to find the movie short on YouTube or something, but apparently there are no copies online nor on any of the SNL DVD sets, according to the a fore mentioned website. I recall having seen it on TV before. Brookes plays the man dining with the little girl as he tries to impress her as if she were a grown woman. The little girl had no real interest in if she were a grown woman.

Anyone else recall that old SNL bit?
If I don't provide evidence nobody will believe me.
Furthermore the sheeple don't investigate anything for themselves.
I have even found a video of some victim of a satanic cult brutally butchered that I don't post...

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