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Default Eva Ionesco

Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
Before “Pretty baby” Brooke Shields had been photographed by Gary Gross in 1975 when she was only 10 years old in what can only be described as child pornography. These pictures show everything what could be seen in a 10-year-old girl.
These pictures weren’t published in some second rate underground paper, but in the ”Sugar and spice” photo book for Playboy.

The French actress Eva Ionesco appeared as the youngest Playboy nude pictorial (aged 11) in the October 1976 edition of the Italian Playboy. Apparently the pictures of Brooke Shields didn’t show enough to be considered full nudity.
The mother of Eva – Irina Ionesco – photographed her nude daughter numerous times in erotic poses from 4 to 12 years of age.
In 1977 Irina Ionesco lost custody over her daughter after some controversy over the child pornography of her daughter in Playboy; Eva was further raised in the house of Christian Louboutin. This didn’t stop Irina from selling more nude pictures of Eva. Eva Ionesco was also pictured naked in the November 1978 edition of the Spanish Penthouse and made the cover of (the German) Der Spiegel.
Eva Ionesco sued her mother 3 times. Her mother was ordered to also hand over the negatives of the nude pictures (in 1998 the French police confiscated hundreds of photos of the nude Eva). Eva got awarded 10,000 euro from the court as compensation for being exploited by her mother:

Also in 1976 Eva Ionesco appeared in Roman Polanksi’s “The Tenant”. But I haven’t found information that Polanski molested Eva, so maybe even for Polanski 11 was too young:
Here are 3 censored pictures of the 11-year-old Eva Ionesco in the Italian Playboy.

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