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Originally Posted by deadhawk View Post
I am not evil - witches are not evil that is bullshit christian propaganda.
if evil uses a pen does that make pens evil?
okay maybe there are some witches who manipulate the manipulated divine creation back to being something that is not as bad as what the first witch did to it

and though i thought i had not yet met a witch that i liked i like you and i remembered i was once helped by a wonderful witch... he told me that when the most evil witch turned clubs to spades in a spell againt the goddess he had been diamonds and he learned hearts he told me some secret wiccan knowledge and then who ever he served must have punished him severely for this for he became most distressed and remained this way for the rest of the time i knew him, he wouldnt talk about it

witches often believe they are healers and that they harm none because they recieve from the head witch or attract healing energy and direct it towards a sufferer (while being filled with it themselves), the problem is that it does harm because it was originally going where it would be best for all equal comfort for everybeing in creation, maybe it was on its way to a chicken having its beak chopped off so it doesnt peck itself to death in distress, (having their beaks chopped off is excrutiatingly painful) or perhaps it was going to some poor activist being tortured for trying to enlighten people about the truth (that we are in a spiritual takeover aswell as a physical one) evil is in control and those that magik chooses to go to (the shamans) rather than is commanded to serve by a witch are under attack from the more evil of the occultists because they are a threat to evil gaining total control

the path of evil is paved with good intent

stealing is bad, turning something perfect into something different is bad too, greed may be for many things not just money, it can be greed for power, for love energy, for accolades, control, many things

if the ones at the top werent stealing so much of the love energy to have for themselves there would be enough for everyone to be more than content, they have been stealing more and more but gradually so that people dont realise that they were happier years ago when they were supported by love emotion in the atmosphere (love energy is love emotion stolen before it is perfectly made) love emotion is the highest power

creation was not suppossed to be like this, the divine have been under attack from evil since the beginning of creation

the horned one someone spoke of who is not bad is the devil whose reputation as the redeemer of evil people is being destroyed by evil folks terrified of getting their souls back on judgement day

witchcraft is not a pen it is a system, a system that when used causes damage to the wellbeing of creation beings

the greedy (greed is the root to evil not money) ones of course are very hard to convert because if they cease to be involved in it there is less benefit for them in the short term.... because they continually want more(greed is never satisfied), they do not want to make do with less, someone who has been increasingly rewarded by the wickedsest witch with love energy and is brimming with it doesnt want to lower their standard of living becaue they have become selfish which is the opposite of divine worthy

abba ~ winner takes it all

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