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A little bit further into spring and things are really beginning to push through now.

The grass is shooting an inch a day now and the dandelions are all out, we leave these for the bees and insects and pick the heads off where the clocks are in seed.

The verge are nearly ready for the cooling off shelf where we have lettuce nearly ready for planting out.

upload pic

The toms, cauliflowers and Brunswick cabbage are nearly ready for potting on.

Having a greenhouse enables us to bring things on a few weeks earlier and keep things going a little later into the season and this winter we have a whole collection of wild herbs that will go right through until next spring.

Last year's leeks are really fattening up and ready for harvest but we will keep a few and let them go to seed for next year, the bumble bees go daft for the huge ball shaped flowering heads too. And this year's seedlings are already germinated in the greenhouse.

I love gardening.

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