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I wouldn't put Nickelback into the "wet fish" category, lol.

You cant even compare Coldplay to Nickelback, let alone anyone else in talent. Maybe Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Maroon 5, Little Wayne, people that suck and don't really deserve to be icons but they are down with the 666 and are under intense mk ultra control, so they get what they want. Beyoncé has talent, but hasn't come out with a "hit worthy" album since 2003/4. I don't consider her an icon, b/c of her straight up lyrical laziness. More years go by, and we just wish that Aaliyah was still with us, but they got rid of her. She would have had 20 songs a year -- of good songs, versus Beyoncé's 1 or 2 good songs a year that are "okay". The voice is one thing, being able to compose your own music that sounds good is another. Jay-Z, Dr Dre.....all of the older ones wouldn't of gotten to the level they are at, if they were creatively dead like Beyoncé. You either have it or you don't. She sounded way better with her group, which tells me much of the creativity was coming from the other 2/3. Lets take a look at Rhianna, who dosent even par close to Beyoncé in lyrical (voice) talent, but has the creativity bug (or her producers do, either or, or both) --- and Rhianna's music "sounds" way better. The voice is only part of the creative process.

They may all be Satanist for I know.

My favorite bands are Chevelle, LP, Seether, Green Day, Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance, FOB........and I was pretty livid when I found out years latter what their music is laced with. You grow up thinking it is anti-establishment, and it really is just another pawn for it. The same sh!t in "dance music", b/c I like to dance, lol. If they don't want people to talk about it, don't put it in your music, period!!!! Hands down!!!

Maybe Green Day is a little bit anti-establishment still. lol And unlike Decode Reality thinks, there are few in that category.
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