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Originally Posted by h2pogo View Post
Are you sure its hydrogen giving the extra mpg..not just the extra fuel in the bubbler?

I Wonder what would happen applied to a diesel?
I'm certain it's Hydrogen that is going into the burn chamber for the following reasons.
It gives the same response that HHO gives (smoother, quieter run to the engine) and in the case of HCS; greater power as it takes nothing from the engine to produce the Hydrogen.
Also; when running the vehicle with a cold engine (starting it cold and driving it off) it begins by running a bit lumpy (because just fuel vapour is being added to the inlet) but as soon as the heat-tube reaches the required threshold to crack the fuel; the response immediately changes and it runs smooth, quiet and with greater power (because the hydrocarbon vapour is being cracked into Hydrogen and Carbon).
If it was just gaining fuel vapour; it would run pretty much the same at all temperatures with no obvious threshold.

As for diesel engines; I haven't tried it myself but I hear that Hydrogen is as beneficial to diesels as it is to gasoline engines.
This would make sense as the 'expansion medium' factor is applicable to all ICEs.

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