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Originally Posted by justin stephens View Post
...which is why I said 'false flag "rebirth"

Are you saying it was good of him to create a belief system of sun worship?

I think this is some sort of ritualistic approach to making Obama out to be something hes not. The symbology is there to see that they are making him out to be on some sort of messiah scale. When was the last time in recent history where we have seen so many people ridiculously frothing about a world leader.

And look at he meaning of renegade - his codename.

Its all a big game and the masses have fallen for it.
Without the Sun you wouldn't be living. Simple as that. It literally is a 'Life Giver' in any sense that is the view of what 'God' is. It's quite rational to think of primitive people to view the Sun in such awe as to worship it.

No different to modern views of Mother Nature, and the 'Goddess'.

Sorry I haven't read anywhere on your first post on this thread that says about a False flag, I thought you believed in it. or is IndigoGen your website?
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