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Originally Posted by watson_k View Post
In order for Obama to be anything of the sort to Akhenaten, he'd need to be the head of the world government (I thought this was the royal family - who also have Egyptian symbolism in their ceremonies) Unify all Religions and class them under one 'God'. Plus also build a new place for all the new believers to live, perhaps the Second Atlantis, or something of that sort.
Such a person is much more likely to be a common man. Insigificant, overlooked, ridiculed even, for being a bit out of phase, for he would need to be a bit our of phase in advance to lead others. I should look to well educated, philosophising, social misfits that are able to overcome obstacles and illuminate those around them.

Much more likely than someone who has lived their live in the power strugle system. Why? For that would not give you the esential skills experience base to really make a difference nor the objective view to enable you to make impartial decisions.

And re the second atlantis, much more likley to be much simpler than that.

Most likely to be a living breathing Horus. LuciferHorus where are you?
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