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Originally Posted by zarah View Post
When I think of living homeless, it fills me with panic. I don't know why anyone would want to live on the streets through choice. It must be awful not to have anywhere safe to rest...your home should be your sanctury, no?
Good points.....

I would say that your body should be your sanctury while we are here in this world.

But in a more down to earth way, "your home" imo is an idea which is false. Its not really your home in away because it can be taken away from you at anytime. In my mind it sometimes can actually be like a prison, where you can just hide away seperated from your brothers/sisters. So i suppose being homeless could be a massive adventure too. The nomadic way.

Think about it - if you dont comply with the system, they can make you homeless, so its empowering to actually not be affraid of it, because then they have nothing over you.

Its the old carrot and the stick..... the more you have.......... the more you have to loose and the more you might cling to those things and do anything to keep them because you are affraid to loose your comforts and go out of your comfort zone.

Its all in the mind too, a homeless person could be happier and feel freer than most.

So, what i am actually saying is give all your possesions away and run to the hills naked.
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