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I quoted Ovid, because he was the Originator of the "Water to Wine" parable
that Gospel Author took outright, it is better to go to the Source rather then the copy to understand it better.

He had a little wine (more like vinegar, it was so lame) saved for a special occasion and promptly brought it out. Philemon watered it down so that it would last a little longer

Wine and Water, Wine symbolizes "Rich", and Water symbolizes "Poor"
the same is with "Iron to Gold" (Poor to Rich), Poor people are more likely to drink Water rather then Wine, or they dilute the Wine with Water, (which I think Jesus did)

I think the metaphor is that, no matter how Poor you are, you have the power to become Great, and Water can become Wine

Ovid' Moral was this
Treat everyone well because you never know when you'll find yourself in the presence of the gods, and infinite riches (Infinite Wine)
can be rewarded

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