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Originally Posted by wakeuptime View Post
Further down the street there's a permanently stopped clock.

On one side its stopped at 3:00.

On the other its stopped at 8:30.

I found this odd enough that I looked at the building right next to the clock thinking it might be a marker.

This things on the building.

A demonic image. I know the number three has meaning to them.

How about 8 1/2. Fellini's film. Maybe someone has ideas about why they'd choose it.
8.30 also equals 11 (8+3) which is a huge number within the Illuminati...
They also replace people with doubles. For many years they recruited look-alikes who would serve their ends. Now they are perfecting cloning technology that will let them replace anybody.
(The Illuminati by Abner Whateley)
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