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Originally Posted by peabrain View Post
A lot to do with a fundamental need for some sort of a saviour to make america great agin and mr trump appears like the very man sheriff who's ridin into town to do that.
yup so you can see why people would vote for makes total sense on that level (even if he is put there by the system itself)

clinton on the other hand plays to a whole other set of fears and desires many of which are very disturbing but do not get picked apart by the complicit corporate media

it falls to truthers to then analyse the thinking behind some clinton supporters

we seem to hear more about why trump supporters are duped then why clinton supporters are duped and that is becasue there is a small but very vocal core on this forum who are rooting for clinton (though they will not admit it openly)
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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