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Understanding the enemies' capabilities.

While the Joints-Chiefs-of-Staff will have Your Excellency believe that the enemy is soundly defeated and that its' fleet of starcruisers and their neutronweapons have been destroyed, it is my duty to inform You that none of that might be relevant.

The enemy possess a weapon that no strategic planning here on Earth has taken account of: a weapon so formidable that we're talking geostratic point zero results of they opt to use it. It is a weapon that we, the inhabitants of Earth really have no effective countermeasure towards. This weapon is the Planet Venus itself. By increasing the core-pulse of the planetary apex, our enemy can drive up the rotational speed of the planet, possibly tilt the whole planet out of its current lock-spin and breech the 'Great Deed' Agreement made some 300 000 years ago, send Venus on a crash-course towards Earth, and in a huge banzai planetary suicide charge, wipe out Earth and all life here on this planet.

We have bombed Venus now with 14 hydrogen bombs. Our enemies have been defeated and now have to experience the cataclysmic results of nuclear holocaust, and while 'civil war' for lack of a better word does exist on Venus as of writing this, the toppling of the planetary leadership is in no wise assured, nor is the effectiveness in humanity's blockade of Venus' Space. A small ship might get passed, who knows. Regardless of this, the existential threat a breech of the 'Great Deed' Agreement by Venus poses on Earth can and should in no wise be discarded or forgotten by those making descisions on behalf of humanity. That Agreement was made between the planetary souls in our solar system - Venus, Gaia, Mars, Jupiter, etc. and dictates that the planets all remain still. After 'The War in the Heavens' where Venus almost collided with Gaia, releasing the waters in our stratosphere, creating our oceans and exposing us inhabitants of Earth to sunlight, that agreement, which is now over 300 000 years old, has been upheld by all planets 100% (with the exception of the microaggression caused by removing and bringing to Earth of moonrocks). This agreement, despite being over 300 000 years old, is as relevant as ever, as the enemy is threatening its' nullification and declaring it and all other inter-planetary agreements as null and void.

It was reiterated to us only this night, that they (the Venusians) are coming! Be it another starcruiser packed with neutronbombs, or be it their planet, we do not know. Needless to say, we urge our leaders to show reason, plead that the nuclear attacks on Venus is halted and wish for an expanded comprehension of the forces at play here and the agreements previously made between Mother Earth and Venus. To ascertain the Truth in what I here write, just ask her...

She is afraid, and so are we all. Military might may not be the solution to the challenges and difficulties we meet in our inter-planetary relationships. War between our planets, while still an ascertained fact, is still something we ought to strive to de-escalate, not increase to the regimen of Operation Doomsday.

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