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Originally Posted by the mighty zhiba View Post
i'd like to imagine that at that point the soul is moving on and is in 9at least) contact with the next stage....

If we consider that helping others is a process of transformation on a soul level, then helping others in the time of physical death, or at least giving others a chance - this seems (to me) beneficial for soul...

Also, the soul is not physical, it empowers the physical for a time, before it moves on, and what occurs to the physical doesn't necessarily have to impact on the soul in a negative way.

I'm sure that in the physical, people manifest the soul desire - on a spiritual level we each try to manifest our highest and purest thought forms.... This may be the soul's purpose manifesting through our physicality.

If we choose to donate aspects of that physicality with the embrace of helping others, then as a soul purpose that wouldn't harm the soul, but might help it move to the next phase with some warmth that it has aided another?

i really don't think the soul would suffer from donation of the physical self organs to another - provided that donation was of it's own desire / decree.

But then sometimes we hear stories of people who have received an organ donation who take on some of the characteristics of the person who donated to them.

Is that a physical memory within the tissue of the donator's soul? That's an interesting one - and would certainly suggest some kind of anchor within the organ.
Could be a bit of genetic memory as its known that memories can be stored by genes.

I think the donation of organs to help save the lives of other people is nothing but a good thing. I would like to see these nay sayers look a dying person in the eye and tell them that maybe they should get on with their souls journey by refusing a transplant. In my eyes it makes them no better than Jehovahs witnesses who will risk the lives of their family members who need blood transfusions.
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