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Originally Posted by markgobell View Post
The Sandy Hook hoax should become a case study in how these scripts are constructed and implemented.

Hopefully one day ...

In the meantime, what is to be made of the Robbie Parker video for example ?

What is the origin of this video ?

Why have we been "allowed" to see it ?

Surely, if his hyper-ventiliating, "an actor prepares" on camera shenanigans were not meant to be seen, then why have we been shown it ?

I consider the obvious flaws, which can be detected by any sentinet 12 year old, to be deliberate.

There is a possibility that Parker was in a drill of course and that film was made then, during a drill.

If that is the case then he's been dumped on ex post facto.

What other explanations could there be ?

About the boldened, I agree. It's like 9/11 as the layers are peeled back. An audacious, long planned exercise. Every family that allegedly lost a child at Sandy Hook moved to Newtown in Dec. 2009, Sandy hook wasn't an operational school at the time.... etc.

Like 9/11, they don't care who spots what. They launch the false flag/hoax, and the plans that were to be implemented are put in place before anyone notices. And the elite are "forward thinking" people; they aren't concerned with yesterday's false flag anymore.
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