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Originally Posted by danceswithbunnies View Post
That is because you are taking time from your pe spective as a given...
I believe the future has already happened....many many times.

There are two views of physics that need to be annealed to get to unified field theory...(and i used to be so caught up in this baloney to the point of going to grad school in it)
Theory of the very small- quantum is probablistic, theory of the very large(non-local)-gravitation is deterministic.
You can have set determinism in the non-local (at large) while having a probablistic fluctuations in the local (small).

A time loop where we replay the same loop over and over with perhaps different choices being figured into it is plausible...every discretized moment can be reduced to a set of finite choices...those can be further reduced to yes/no which is binary...and no matter how big the set of all those choices for all the people who have ever lived,for all time to this date, it is still not an infinite set.

I take time to be discretized because the moments you make a decision would be...we are not really certain whether time itself is in actuality discrete or continuous..
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would say that NOTHING is predetermined. Because when we say that something is predetermined, then it implies something fixed, static. Only the past is fixed, static.
I personally believe that, just as the present 'reality', is illusury (The Matrix), so is past and future.

Hence, it is all happening simultaneously! We only (subconsciously - for now) choose, which to 'experience'
Hence, we can preditermine our future!
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