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Originally Posted by andy1033 View Post
In trumps first year, he was pushing north korea over the edge to war, with pompeo, being head of cia.

Just because it never happened, does not mean its anything down to trump. Trump wanted war.

North koreans totally shocked trump, and america by calling for peace talks.

In both summits now, america expected north koreans, to essentially commit suicide and give away there own position of strength, while america gives them nothing.

Trump is an idiot at negotiating, and its been shown both times now.

Neither trump, or pompeo, wanted peace talks with north korea, and it shows, as they gave north koreans nout for coming to the table.

No one in there right mind would make an agreement with trump, and america, like that. ie effectively handing over there power to america, so america can change there minds in a wim.

Neither trump, or america commands any trust in making agreements, both are terrible at keeping agreements. So explain why north korea should give up everything, while america gives them nothing.

At least the north korean leader can hold his head up, while trump cannot, as trump cannot negotiate, he can only bully.

Sorry but your opinions dont match reality

There is a chance for peace in Korea but apparently I cant see very much and I have to broaden my mind

I just seem to remember the anti war days of the truth movement but obviously we all broadened our minds now orange man bad
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