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Originally Posted by TheArranger View Post
be it for the mosque or the implementation of NWO, what we're seeing happening here in France has nothing normal... 'protests' my $ss, they just ended up 'confessing' that cops with yellow vests would join protesters for infiltration, yet they' didn't say why the door of the Arc has been left open, because that's not been alleged but affirmed...
well the destruction of the mosque would be part of the 'new world order'

solomons temple would be the central church of the universal religion of the masonic world order that would rise like a phoenix out of the chaos

it's all related imo....all this stuff we are discussing here: the vaccines, the 5G SMART grid, the temple, the central banking scams, the orchestrated wars and mass immigration, the cultural marxism, the social engineering etc etc etc it's all the same thing at the top. It all leads in the same direction

Originally Posted by TheArranger View Post
if cops were well organized enough to infiltrate protesters, then how did they let all that happen ?
cops often infiltrate movements; the question is where do the orders come from?

cops don't spontaneously infiltrate workers protests or turn a blind eye to organised rape gangs they are ORDERED to do it

you have to see from how deep all of this stuff comes

Originally Posted by TheArranger View Post
I really fear what I previously suggested happens, it's no protests and neither looks or shows like a revolution... 'refugees' again anyone ? if an army of illegals and mercenaries is unleashed all over Europe then there'll be no safe place left anywhere...
its scary

if things fall apart in this country and you are jewish you can always go to israel

where can i go?

where would i be welcomed on this planet?

This is my home right here. This is all i have and i don't want it to fall apart
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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