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Originally Posted by TheArranger View Post
ooh sh!t... the same that might happen here in Europe happened not long ago in the Middle-East (Lybia, Irak), when after having raised an army of mercenaries to overthrow leaders those responsible lost all control on their creation, it had been widely stated and confirmed at the time...

golem or Frankenstein-style nightmare, but for real... and we were more accustomed to seeing it happen in the 'Third World'...
there are snipers posted on the rooftops in paris and there is a video online that purports to show a protester being shot with what looks like tracer flying over the heads of protestors

I don't know if it's real or not or if that person drops because they have been hit by bullets but they drop and people rush over to help them

in the ukraine uprising there were snipers on the roof tops who were shooting people on both sides of the protest to stir up animosity

i've been expecting something big to kick off in europe because i believe the freemasonic zionists want a 'clash of civilisations' and that they have been flooding muslims into europe to create a pressure cooker situation

I believe that they want to demolish the al aqsa mosque in jerusalem so that they can build a new temple to solomon but they know this will cause a backlash from the islamic world. So in order to pull it off they will need a global conflagoration to create a backdrop that will allow them to achieve what they wish to achieve. To get away with it they would need to mobilise the western world against muslims and i believe the cover up by the freemasonic police of the organised muslim rape gangs was to create a scandal that would later add fuel to the fire they are trying to build

keep your eye on that mosque. At some point it's coming down and when it does all hell will break loose. Either that or hell will be unleashed and in the chaos the mosque will be destroyed. Either way it will happen because they believe they are ordained by a higher power to rebuild that temple and the muslims believe that they are charged by a higher power to hold that ground

it's not a problem that can be legislated away because it is not a rational drive
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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