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Strange how ‘psychological warfare’ acts and things degenerate in such events.

Quite consumers first enlist to peacefully protest against taxes and low wages. Then protesters try to gain solidarity with their movement from the population by blocking roads and it’s when and how violence starts. Two deaths at YV ‘checkpoints’ already so it’s getting badly serious.

Then violence feeds on itself, rioters and hooligans join the protests, cops as well because they don’t even hide from cameras, what the girls recorded up there you may see on TV news reports just as well, men wearing yellow vests talking and interacting with cops. The whole thing is now getting somehow frightening because up to which point will anyone be able to keep control on anything ?

How much physical damage, how many people injured or how many deaths on both sides before the targeted goal get reached whether it’s a true revolution or a hidden NWO operation ?

What a human disaster are we all in for again ?
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