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Originally Posted by merlincove View Post
The elites would shit themselves.

Food is starting to be missing in supermarkets : bottled water or chilled foods getting scarce, pet food departments are empty already and that was last week, all food and goods will be missing very quickly.

We just saw Macron on TV and he who’s been behaving so arrogantly until then is now visibly being ‘tightening buttocks’ as we say in French, he looks bad.

One more death by accident at a yellow vest ‘checkpoint’ in the south last night. Martial law also being considered as it’s told about forbidding and preventing any public protest for the next week-end. Wonder why Trump recently said he ‘wouldn’t go to France’…

Protesters whoever they were broke in Arc de Triomphe which was highly secured by protection systems. They vandalized and destroyed all art works, installations and ornaments inside after having tagged the whole surrounding structure, leaving the monument unrecognizable.

If some dozens of individuals arrived on their feet and their hands in their pockets have been able to do that and quietly record it, then the authorities should fear having to call in the army would these people decide to break in the Elysée Palace or any other official building. It’s a true revolution that’s now being creeping out here.

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