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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
These are not the type of videos were talking about , jhar, sensationalist garbage to distract , like the poor quality pictures of the moon with domes and UFO s ... these will get you now where!

The important videos are interviews with insiders who claim to have worked in the secret space program you can see the person , asses their body language, and there's dozens of them , all saying the same thing . Long term serious researchers, like Casidy , Wilcock ,Springmier are in no doubt .
Kerry Cassidy said she agreed with theruiner's interpretation of blue avians and Corey Goode being a mind control operation. I have more background into this than I have posted...... I agree with her assessment. (Bill Ryan says he's a psy op as well, who Corey Goode has launched a large slander campaign against).

You will find a souvenir shop on the sphere being alliance website, full of "Sphere being alliance" t-shirts, mugs, and mouse pads... lol.

There is good SSP info and bunk SSP info. Any informed person in the subjects knows the SSP's exist. I would beware of Corey Goode info if I was you. And FTR my views are not the views of David Icke or the forum staff's official opinion, but I feel it should be said...
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