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Have finished watching the video, all 2hrs 27mins... not the most comfortable of rides, made tiresome by the interviewers clumsy technique , and the whistle blower seeming to have the early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. very slow speech. David Wilcock took a back seat , but came away the star of the performance, sharp minded and very knowledgeable.

First 5 mins wasted on irrelevant chit -chat .... Corey explains he was inducted into the secret space program at the age of 6 ...being trained as an empath, one that can sense another beings moods, in this capacity ,in adult life he was a regular attendee at federation meetings held in a space station, orbiting in the region of the gas giants (Saturn, Jupiter) .His role in these meetings , it seems, was to monitor those present , for any deceptive intent. Heads of different governments from Earth attended these with 60 or so different ET spices , the purpose of the meeting was to discuss and plan the on going "Great Experiment" which is happening on Earth... We, humanity they regard as their genetic and social experiment, which has implications for the whole Galaxy.

Corey says the secret space program (run mostly from America by the Illuminati) has millions of humans in bases on mars, moon and elsewhere, many were recruited in the so called 'brain drain' from Europe in the 1960's, they said farewell to their friends and relatives , traveled to the US, and 'disappeared'(sent off world).

He covers how a vast trade has been going on , the Illuminati selling millions of humans to different ET groups , in exchange for advanced technology...(Bartzis has also talked of this, Stalin's/Hitlers camps were a cover for this trade)..... These humans are sometimes used medically/genetically, parts being taken , the dead body dumped by the ET's in vast dumping grounds in US National parks... Many humans are used as slaves on ET engineering projects, a few for food, and god knows what else.

Discussed was how the Illuminati are desperate to manage disclosure, try to limit it to hide their crimes.

It was said the defeat of the Illuminati will be achieved in the spiritual realm by humanity, focused intent , pure willpower , when enough wake up is unstoppable.

The ET 's who have a history of messing with us , have a great fear of the coming shift, when some humans will have X-men type powers, making them more than a match for any ET, they fear we will take revenge.

..... That's about all I took in , not much for 2 1/2 hrs ... It's not enough to listen to something like this one time , you need to review what was said, have some quiet time is assimilate and let questions arise.... Then listen to it all again, and again... you must do this , otherwise it won't stick!

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