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Originally Posted by quadrati View Post
I did exercise my right to take that particular substance. It was good for a while and then I did what the authorities said. I went harder. I now exercise my right to oppose the drug and everything it stands for. Since it is a symbol of some bulshit freedom idea.

No I'm not afraid. People can't even handle alcohol. Which most cannabis advocates condemn. So yeah, lets legalise another drug.

You mention the owner of the site. So do I. We're at square one. Give me something to change my mind.
You went "Harder",that was YOUR choice,don't blame cannabis for that.
This is about freedom of personal choice AND taking responsibility for it.
And,yes, I do mention the owner of this site,who also advocates this principle.

And oppose cannabis all you like but...
Why would i bother with someone out to limit other people's freedom of choice,
and being proud of it.

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