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Originally Posted by merlincove View Post
Where on earth do you get off, insulting people as paedo enablers?

Why do you choose a stance of belittling others?

Winning the discourse must be so important to you. Is your life so pathetic, so sad, that you have to come here to make yourself the Big Man?

Have you yet reported Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Lizzie to the police for being paedo's, for abusing not only children but the entire British people?

Insult? Statement of fact, pal. If you know a kid is being abused, say by their father, and you do not even report it to the police then that kid is going to be abused more. Because of you. You are enabling child abuse.

I would report the royals if a victim came to me. You are so ashamed of your own cowardice that you have to come up with unlikely scenarios like 'the cops are in on the abuse' or 'the abuser is mega powerful'. It's bullshit. We are just talking about your average child abuser.

The connection between Icke and 9/11
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