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Thread title is weird, would you report it? Na not up here no point. For a long time their has been an integration policy run by our local council to bring in waifs and strays from all over Scotland and give them Council flats up here, they mostly come from Glasgow area, they are junkies and hell raisers but to stay on topic yes they put those paedofiles up here as well. It's a small town, word does get around. Nobody involves the Police once a criminal record is known or local knowledge of a "white settler" with child offences then they are run out.It's a "hammering" and if they don't leave the flat gets set on fire. Child Abusers will not be tolerated in my County. These kids deserve not to have weirdo's interfering with them. Being a child should be the best fun time of your life, I loved it.Nah reporting up here pointless. We burn them out and enjoy doing so. Because they are pure scum. Because our county is the most Northern and low populace they bring in scum from Glasgow to relocate in an attempt to rehabilitate them. They are all f ups, not even a city can be bothered with them. I lived in a flat and watched the other one opposite the car park burn. It was common knowledge that he was a pedo relocated from south. Now i love i was doing a spag bol ok, sure i saw some flames his flat was gutted. But more importantly i had lovely mature Parmesan to go on top. Was it even worth a thread? Maybe South, up here we burn that scum out. It's the waisters from Southern Scotland the problem, The English are bang on like, sensible clever working folk, but the scum from Glasgow terrible.
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