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Originally Posted by supertzar View Post
I thought you were intentionally confusing the issue. You are going to have to show evidence of the poles being shaped like you say. I could be like "Due to the convex shape of the continent of North America we should be able to see all the way from coast to coast on a clear day but atmospheric refraction causes us not to." I love Hollow Earth shit so I'd rather not see bogus claims about it. It's THE Sun, the one that we know and love in your pics. I'd bet anything on it.
I already have shown some evidence. You can see more evidence in Marshall B. Gardner's book. Seismology also supports hollow earth and works better with hollow model. Centrifugal force on the other hand generated by the spinning of planets makes it too obvious planets are hollow. Earth spins 465 meters per second which is almost 1/2 km per second spin rate. Centrifugal force is strongest at the center of earth and equatorial regions. If one travels to inner earth skies, he/she will feel the centrifugal force pushing them away from the center of earth. Polar openings are also the result of centrifugal force forcing any heavy matter away from its center, 90 latitude. A simple experiment you can do is put a small rock at the center of disc and then spin the disc, rock will be forced away from the center of disc. Same thing with the earth at geographic poles forcing heavy matter away from the center and creating polar openings. Same thing with the center of earth forcing any heavy matter away from the center leaving only gases behind to get ionized by birkeland currents and charged particles from the outside Sun via solar wind. Inner sun is fully dependent on outside Sun for its energy sustenance.
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