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Originally Posted by indica View Post

You are:

slightly expressed extravert
moderately expressed intuitive personality
slightly expressed thinking personality
moderately expressed perceiving personality

Famous people of your particular type
Richard Feynman, Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, James Cameron, Patricia Schroeder (politician)

Tbh, I don't think it fits me at all.
Hi Indica, well, your type is in some good company. Why do you say that you don't think it fits you? Being slightly and moderately expressed on all portions might make some of it seem a little ambiguous tho, as in, you might have characteristics that are sometimes dominant related to the other side of the coin for each of the primary traits.

Heh, I remember I asked an ex to take the test out of curiosity, and she actually got pissed when the results came back as "INTJ". I'm not sure why, but I think the rarity of being a female INTJ made her feel like a misfit (and she really didn't want to perceive her self as such), and INTJs generally are perfectionists, so, the described "weaknesses" pissed her off, how dare they insinuate she might have a few blind-spots!

Anyway, its just a point of reference, its not a means for labeling people as such and such and pinning them down, everybody is an individual because of so many factors (soft science theoretical or otherwise) that would be tedious to get into here, and thus can't be pigeonholed into 16 typologies, although I do think there is something to it. It makes more sense to me then "pigeonholing" people into 12 astrological signs (but of course an avid fan of astrology will insist that is more complicated too....time and place of birth, and so forth).

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