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[QUOTE=thelucifer;394363]To make peroxide you bubble ozone through water !!!

You are drinking Peroxide !!!

A very week solution.

you said To make peroxide you bubble ozone through water ? are you saying you get peroxide when you bubble ozone through water because you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT !
simply wiki quote"
A peroxide is a compound containing an oxygen-oxygen single bond. The simplest stable peroxide is hydrogen peroxide. Super oxides, dioxygenyls, ozones and ozonides compound are considered separately !."
and as we know O3 has three oxygen molecules and when drank, all you are putting into the water is oxygen!. im sure two of them get used up straight away(To tired to check the papers as its to early in the morning) and the third goes hunting for the bad stuff (ITS A GOOD FREE RADICAL APPARENTLY )READ THE BOB BECK PAPERS !!!! he has proven it so why be putting that other crap in your body
I hope you don't hurt yourself mr lucifer !, good look on your experiments on yourself
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