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Originally Posted by thelucifer View Post
Calcium deficiency is not a farse, what is ostioporosis ?

It's not deficiency: it's loss of minerals (calcium being most abundant) which could be caused by drinking coffee (which is suggested as good for you elsewhere in this forum), drinking soda, drinking alcohol, eating grains, etc. If you take an aquarium and fill it with rocks is it full? How about when you add sand to it, is it full then? Can't water still fit in? Now think of calcium as the large rocks.

If acid rain is eroding the Taj Mahal, do you add calcium to it, or address the acid rain?

I dare you.
Not influenced by childish taunts, sorry.

Start with Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize awarded for proving cancer is anaerobic.

Gerson Clinic, Dr Kurt Donsbach.
But we weren't just talking about cancer, we were talking about good bacteria and bad bacteria.

Who said that
I did state "in other words" with a question right? -Who ever called them good guys and bad guys.

So simple language equals "kiddie" terms huh ?
Good guys, bad guys. - Can't get more kiddie, can you?

I have been looking into this stuff for about 20 years, I have personal stories etc, real world stuff, How about you ??
Personal testimonies in print that Amygdalin or amygalin rich diets work without the dangers of h2o2.
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