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Default How To Decimate Big Pharma And Take You Power Back

hello there thelucifer and everyone else .
I wouldn't even think about drinking Hydrogen Peroxide ! really bad stuff to be putting into the body there like bud WHEN YOU DON'T NEED TOO!
You are right about having an oxygen rich body can and does stop and kill cancer and gives you better vitality. I would suggest to everyone to get them selfs an ozone (O3) generator (bubbling O3 in cold cold water for 2 to 5 mins then drink within 20 mins !!) rather than using that nasty stuff and download bob becks files to find out more or google his name and google benifits of drinking ozonated water !!!!!
O3 = (ozone) and has three oxygen molecules.
O3 bubbled into cold water and then drunk within 20 mins for max health benefits kills all virus , bacteria , fungus , parasites even Ebola etc (YOU GET THE IDEA!)
and also makes stuff like FLUORIDE inert so its really good for purifying your water too !!
(beware of the nay sayers this is truth as you will find out !)
having too much calcium in the body can and does restrict the pineal gland and you dont want that if you are to evolve faster as a being (google , pineal gland and look it up on you tube vids )
I was so ill over the last ten year with neck problems and had no energy , never left my home and was in a right sorry state of affairs , I found out about this guy bob beck and i am using his blood electrification stimulator machine (everyone can make it them selfs as i did and was real easy and get the bob beck files ! I am also drinking one 250 ml glass of ozonated water and it was almost simultaneously that i started feeling better and now i feel much better and get out and about regularly! also i've never had anything wrong with me not anything since november 2007 !! my neck is still pretty bad but O3 dont repair bone

Im using a SANDER CERTIZON C200 That puts 200mg of O3 per hour into water and its 12v dc ! @ about 160 pound each (not cheep)from a tropical fish store and only needs to be bubbled in water for 2 mins but there is cheeper ones (from 60 to 160 pound ) that are 110/240 volt and put less O3 into the water per hour but work the same and the only difference is you need to bubble into water for upto 5 mins

This really does work but dont take my word on it ,check him quote bob beck HOW TO DECIMATE BIG PHARMA AND TAKE YOU POWER BACK.
good health to you all , peace !
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