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Originally Posted by madthumbs View Post
-If they aren't making this shit up, where's the study report?
Start with Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize awarded for proving cancer is anaerobic.

Gerson Clinic, Dr Kurt Donsbach.

In kiddie terms, we're being told that aerobic exercise is bad for us.
Who said that

More kiddie terms, and pushing Calcium as a "cure all".
I would like you to show where I made such a statement !

So simple language equals "kiddie" terms huh ?

Perhaps I should use/quote only the most difficult technical terms/verbage so no one understands anything just for you huh ?

I have been looking into this stuff for about 20 years, I have personal stories etc, real world stuff, How about you ??

I always marvel with people that need to be so insulting.
A real shame.

Too much of anything is bad, even air or water etc.

You remind me of a story where someone poured 35% peroxide on yogurt, and when it killed the yogurt said, see it kills.

No shit sherlock.

I feel bad for people like this.
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